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  • Shay Alexander

    Singer. Writer. Preacher. Teacher. Prophetess.

    The Woman Behind The Name

    An acclaimed teacher, preacher, singer and writer, Prophetess Terri “Shay” Alexander,
    b.k.a. “Sista Shay,” began singing publicly at the age of 4. She sang in churches, weddings,
    and community events. Her real power, however, lies in her ability to deliver the Word of
    God. She tackles controversial issues and speaks truth to power with a boldness and
    courage that only the Holy Spirit can give.

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    Prophetic Coaching

    One-on- one Personal/Prophetic Coaching gives Sista Shay the opportunity to pour into men and
    women seeking to heal from personal hurts, overcome success blocking obstacles, build on their
    strengths and thrive in their purpose. Sista Shay has counseled and coached fellow ministers,
    athletes, business women and others. She sees this service as a personal joy as she helps each
    participant to reach their full potential.
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    ministry, personal development, etc.

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    Prayer Requests

    We want to Pray for you. If you desire prayer for any area of your Life, please follow the link to submit your request. Also, join us every Thursday on our P.E.P. Line. It's a place of Prayer, Exhortation and Prophecy. You can find details below.

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    Paparazzi Independent Consultant

    I believe in the power of Entrepreneurship. Recently, I began my journey as a Paparazzi Independent Consultant. I have seen so much favor in the area of sales and overall business growth. If you're interested in finding out more about this entrepreneurial journey or even purchasing the products,

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    Book Sista Shay for Corporate Appearances, Speaking Engagements,
    Though she is more than qualified to speak on an array of subjects both naturally and spiritually,
    her area of expertise is spiritual warfare, prophetic warfare and intercession, prophetic ministry,
    relationships, education, business branding and personal development.

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  • The P.E.P. Line

    Prayer, Exhortation & Prophecy

    Weekly Conference Call

    Call-In Number: 781-448-0179

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    The PEP Line is a weekly conference call held every Thursday at 8p.m. EST. Each week Sista Shay prays over the participants, instructs them in the Word of God and Prophesies as the Lord leads.

  • Judah Radio Network

    All Word All The Time

    24/7 Christian Radio Network

    The Judah Radio Network (“JRN”), based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a 24/7 Gospel Internet Radio Station founded by Sista Shay.

    JRN features the preached Word, Christian talk shows and much more. The mission is to spread the love of God through preaching, teaching and singing the

    Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    If you and/or your ministry is interested in broadcasting on JRN

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